Are You Looking For a Way to Better Serve Your Clients’ Insurance Needs?

January 16, 2017

Your clients trust you to find them appropriate insurance as part of their estate and personal planning, but who can you trust to help you identify plans which meet their needs?

If you rely on the word of an unknown insurance person, you may not be getting the lowest or best price. After all, the salesman can be guided by other factors, not necessarily in the clients’ best interest.

The Hughes Trustco Group offers an alternative: we make comparison shopping for insurance easy.

We will give you a written list of quotes from ALL the companies providing the insurance your clients need, so you can see for yourself which providers will offer the best deal. You won’t have to take the word of anyone else.

The benefits of working with The Hughes Trustco Group don’t stop there. We are licensed across Canada so we can serve your clients regardless of their location. Instead of lengthy in-person meetings with commission-focused salespeople, we handle everything through email, telephone, and post so you can deal with it as your schedule allows. Plus, consulting fees can be offered for all of the work performed to secure the most cost-effective, comprehensive plan for your clients.

Of course everything is not always so straight forward, so we also offer estate and financial strategies that will help you make the best decision for your clients. We are not affiliated with any single provider and will work with any company to give you honest, reliable information.

So, to make sure your clients get the best deal possible, simply reply to this email or call me toll free at 1-877-842-3863 . We’ll send you a comparison life quote that we typically send to a client or one of your choosing. Please advise the date of birth you want used and gender.

Work with a company that deals with you just as honestly as you deal with your clients.