Canadian Term Insurance Explained

January 16, 2017

Canadian term insurance may be a new idea for many people who think of whole life insurance as simply a policy you pay throughout your lifetime, but term insurance is actually a better option for most people for several reasons.

Term life insurance is basically a life insurance policy that lasts for a specified period of time. Unlike whole life insurance policies which last from the moment they are purchased until the policy holder’s death, Canadian term insurance may last for 10, 20 years or to age 100. While this sounds the same, you will pay much lower premiums and get higher coverage when you opt for term insurance from any of the major insurers in Canada.

Term life insurance is ideal protection for younger people and for breadwinners because coverage amounts can be chosen to cover the amount of the family mortgage, car loans, current debts; problems that you would not want to burden your loved ones with in the event of an accident. When something unforeseen results in the death of the family’s breadwinner, the economic results can be immediately devastating, but a term life policy can be the rescue net your family needs at this traumatic time. Plus, during the coverage period of your policy, your premiums will never change so you’ll always know exactly what you’ll owe to keep your policy in good standing.

Term Life Quotes

Premiums for term insurance vary with your health, age, and lifestyle influencing whether you will pay a higher or lower amount. However, you can use the Internet to request a term life insurance quote online to get the lowest premium possible. The Hughes Trustco Group provides you with quotes from all the insurance providers so you can do your own life insurance comparison and select the premium and the policy that meets your needs.