Term Life Insurance; 3 Major Reasons to Buy

January 16, 2017

Term life insurance policies can financially protect your life.

Term life protects you against an unexpected event like a prolonged illness or disease leading to death. We cannot prevent death, but we can use the information about its certainty for the benefit of our loved ones who are left behind to fend for themselves once we have passed on.

Term insurance is best because the coverage for the life insurance policy is greater for lesser dollars than whole life insurance. It is very much a commodity product in the Internet era that we live in today. Insurance agents are finding it difficult to compete with the Internet and have moved on to higher value policies and left low cost life insurance to be purchased online.

Term Insurance Protects Assets and Businesses

Term insurance protects your assets that are not really yours until you clear the debt on them. Have a mortgage on “your” home? Still making payments for that sports sedan of “yours”? Most of us carry some level of debt. This is acceptable because we earn a regular income which goes towards repayments. When we die unexpectedly, our families are not only grieving the loss of a loved one, but are expected to carry on life financially without this regular income. Term insurance can help our families clear the debt, reclaim the assets as their own and move on with life comfortably, due to the financial space that has been created by your thoughtfulness.

Term life insurance policies are the cheapest of all because the risk of death is more easily quantifiable.