Term Life Insurance Companies: Deal With The Companies, Not The Agents

January 16, 2017

Term life insurance companies have always had a bad reputation for sending out aggressive agents to pressure people into buying a policy. The problem has always been that life insurance companies pay agents on commission for each sale they make, so the more people they sign up the bigger their weekly checks. With that kind of motivation, you can understand why they might be a little aggressive at times.

Term life insurance companies however lost potential business because people just didn’t want to deal with pushy agents even if it meant putting off – sometimes too long – getting financial protection for their family.

Today, you don’t have to worry about life insurance companies sending agents to your home or having them call on you on the phone because you can get your term life insurance quotes online.

Term Life Insurance Quotes Online

If you do a search at Google.com for the phrase “term life insurance quote,” you will get around 2,000,000 matches. And you’ll have to dig through all that to request the information and compare it to find the right policy and life insurance company for you.

The solution is to use the services of an independent insurance advisor. These advisors can get you a list of quotes from all of the life insurance companies who may potentially be able to provide you with a policy. All you need to do is enter some basic information about yourself and your term life insurance needs.

When you use an independent insurance advisor, you will receive multiple quotes so that you can more easily compare what the different life insurance companies have to offer. You will also have someone who can help answer your questions about the quotes and the life insurance companies themselves. And, because they are independent, you can trust that they won’t be telling you what their employer wants them to say like most life insurance companies’ agents.

The Hughes Trustco Group has been in business for 30 years and has been successfully helping people just like you (since 1998 via the Internet) to find the life insurance companies that best meet their needs. They understand how difficult and stressful making term life insurance decisions can be, and they know all of the nuances of both the Canadian and the American insurance industries.

If you need an independent insurance advisor to help you sort through term life quotes and to avoid dealing with life insurance companies’ agents, then you can request your free term life insurance quotes today. They represent all the big name companies you are familiar with including BMO Life, Canada Life, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, Sun Life  and many others.